January | 2012

Lesson No. 37: Taking Responsibility for Health

"Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity." -Hippocrates

My 8 year old William was born with an anaphylaxis allergy to gluten and wheat as well as severe seasonal and environmental allergies. We’ve learned a LOT about health through the daily lifestyle of keeping him well. However, since October he has suffered a bad sinus and lung condition that seem to be related to his allergies and we’ve been treating him with both conventional and alternative methods. While he is in the care of a pulmonologist, pediatrician, and allergist we also launched into the world of acupuncture and pressure, as well as Nasal Irrigation (netti wash).

Yes! My 8 year old is taking to the needles! As well as doing self-acupressure point stimulation and using a netti wash! (While I’m feeling like a cocky holistic mom, let me remind you he’s also got a good dose of prescription drugs in his blood.)

It is going super slow, but he’s getting better in baby steps. At least the number of tissues has diminished and his sleep is sounder. But, I think the best thing that has come out of all this right now is that he is learning to take responsibility for his own health. In hopes of healing faster, he’s even taken on a good attitude towards stopping consuming dairy (despite the fact that he would live on ice cream and pizza if he could).

Getting William engaged in his own healing has been a great gift of this challenge. He’s truly gaining a sense that regardless of what doctors and medicine can do for him, he still has a responsibility of bringing his own actions and mindset to his healing. And while I know he is sick and tired of the state he is in, and sort of bored with all his self care, he’s still doing it and still motivated to get better.

So below is a link to the nasal rinse that William does recommend and some MORE resources for acupressure that he may or may not recommend. But I do. (And here’s a photo of William doing his points. Even though he doesn’t think they are working, he’s still willingly doing it on his own!)

Stuff William Does:

Nasal Rinse:  If you never used a Neti pot try this NeilMed bottle type of rinse. It’s super easy! There are plenty of instructional videos available on Youtube. If William can do it, you can too! Please note that you must use distilled water, not regular tap. And, be sure to READ THE DIRECTIONS BEFORE USE!!

Acupressure for Sinus: ehow offers a great series on acupressure to relieve pain and congestion associated with the Sinuses. 

Thymus Tapping: Check out this site to learn more about Thymus tapping, and Banyan Botanicals offers a quick how-to. 

Acupressure for Immune Support: Acupressure is great for boosting immunity any time. This article shows pressure points and describes methods for strengthening the immune system.